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League of Legends: Gnar - The Hidden Link

Hi guys! Ren here. 

Gnar has just been revealed as a champion with an extra damage 3rd basic attack a la Diana, insane mobility in the form of a dash that can be used to play leapfrog with enemy champions and a passive movespeed bonus on the 3rd attack proc, and a transform ultimate that gives you tanky damage and CC stats at the expense of mobility— oh, and you can’t control it. 

That’s a lot of factors in a champion that I think will be hard to balance.

Personally, with what I perceive to be a mobility creep in the game and high extra damage on the 3rd proc combined with passive attack speed, I think that Mini Gnar will be a high damage, hard-to-catch OP champion like Lucian or Lulu. 

However, since you literally cannot help but transform into the much slower Mega Gnar when your rage bar fills, I am interested in seeing how disruptive that is to his playstyle. I can see chasing someone down with Mini Gnar just to transform into Mega Gnar and watch them walk away, or being ganked as the squishy Mini Gnar and being powerless because you accidentally popped Mega Gnar a minute ago.

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What do you guys think? Will he be well balanced on release, or will he be under- or over-powered?

Gnar: The Missing Link - Abilities Preview

So, what do you think of Gnar?

How many people play League of Legends on Tumblr


I know a lot of people play League of Legends, but I was curious how many tumblr people do.

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