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My bittersweet lulu costume finally arrived! Makeup test next week (after finals orz)


Hi everybody!

Just another announcement. 

As we have posted, we are no longer giving away any skins. We ran out. Sorry about that, but it happens!

If you are still looking for codes, I strongly suggest going to /r/leagueofgivingAs Friday approaches, more and more people will be giving away skins (since they expire). 

Please don’t send us any more messages asking for codes, and best of luck in your search!



  Anonymous said:
what can we do to say thank you to meggy??

Maybe one nice follower could mystery gift her on League.


Heres her amazon wishlist.

Heres her steam wishlist.

Coming from her boyfriend she will really really appreciate anything kind that you guys do for her!


League of Legends at Sakuracon

Hi there, Aru here again.

As you may or may not know, I’m an admin of this blog and I’d like to remind everyone who’s coming to Sakuracon that I will be there! I’m also hosting the League of Legends group photoshoot on Saturday at 2:15pm at the Cascade Fountain area in Freeway Park 2. If you’re interested in coming, whether it be to take pictures, participate in the shoot, or just come and see us, then please do feel free to come, I’d love to see any followers there! Here’s my lineup if anyone is interested. If you see me, feel free to come up and say hi to me! I promise, I don’t bite! ;w; Hope to see some of you guys there this weekend! Aru out!