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I’ll be playing some ARAM on NA tonight! Leave your IGN below if you want to play! ;v; 




[LOL] Ahri by singo, check out his deviantart here!


Greetings, Artistically-Inclined Summoners!

Are you an aspiring artist who draws with one hand and plays League with the other? Or are you simply into doodling your favorite champions between queues? 

We at Yep That Tasted Purple! want to start promoting the work of content creators in the Tumblr community in order to draw attention to some of the amazing talent out there, and we are open to all kinds of art/videos and skill levels!

We are going to be setting up a page on our blog with links to the DeviantArt, Pixiv, YouTube, Twitch and Tumblr blogs of the artists, and if we agree to promo you we promise we’ll always reblog and promote your League-related content!

Here’s how to apply:

  • Submit to us with the name of your blog, Deviantart account, YouTube account, Twitch account or Pixiv account that you wish to be promo’d. 
  • It must be League-related content or we won’t consider it. 
  • It also MUST be SFW/PG-13. Yep That Tasted Purple is always a SFW blog. That doesn’t mean your art has to be covered-up and chaste— we know most champions aren’t like that naturally— but there can’t be any nudity or sexual acts.

Remember: Explicit content will be reviewed and have a chance not to get posted/promoted. 

Again, we are not judging on skill level or experience! Our promo is open to all types of content as long as it depicts our favorite MOBA ^o^

Good luck, have fun, and keep making content!

~The Mods 

  Anonymous said:
Random question, but is Zed having scars on his face canon and everyone goes along with it or is it actually written into lore somewhere?

I’m by no means a lore expert so if someone knows that this is canon based on something a Riot employee said let us know!

But having just read up on his champion teaser, spotlight, introduction and lore, it’s not canon. We don’t know what Zed looks like at all. He dueled Shen’s father and killed him, so it’s possible (though unlikely, since there’s no reason he would take his faceguard off in battle) that he sustained scars from that battle.

It seems to just be a headcanon that people go along with because he’s a ruff n tumble ninja who don’t go by no rules. 



doodle before i draw things for real q_q 


From concept to reality. Braum, the Heart of the Freljord.

info —>



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I’ll be playing on EUW tonight at 6pm GMT! Anyone with a summoner level lower than 25 is welcome to join me! IGN - angryshovel.

See you there summoners!